How do I donate a device?

PCPS and Polk Vision are strictly following social distancing guidelines until the coronavirus pandemic abates. For now, please send an email to syncedforstudents@polkvision.com. We will make arrangements to collect your device while protecting both you and our staff members.

How do I prepare my device to be donated?

Donors are asked to erase personal data from their devices while leaving the operating system installed. Information on how to do this is readily available online. There are also services that can help. Once PCPS receives a device, a team of trained technicians who have passed a Level 2 background check will ensure that all personal data is eliminated from the device.

Will there be any property liability?

No. Operating software is licensed to and transfers with the donated equipment.

Am I able to give parts of a computer, such as a screen, mouse or hard drive?

You may donate parts. However, laptops are preferred because they require fewer parts and can be quickly formatted and placed with students. We will accept good used working components that have
been in service for four years or less. Specifically, monitors need to have either a VGA or a display input, or both. We also need standard USB keyboards and USB optical mice.

How many students need devices?

During the coronavirus pandemic, PCPS deployed approximately 23,000 devices. The school district estimates two-thirds of its students lack either a device or internet access and will benefit from the efforts of Synced for Students. Rest assured that every usable device donated to this partnership will be issued to a student in need.

How will students be selected to receive devices?

PCPS is a founding partner of Synced for Students. Members of its leadership team have been involved since the inception, with the sole purpose of creating greater technological equity for students. Regional superintendents work closely with school principals to identify students who lack sufficient technology for learning in their home. Students are prioritized based on their personal needs, as well
as the demands of their coursework. For instance, a high school senior may need to do more work online than a first-grader, and therefore would be more likely to receive a device through Synced for Students.

Is there a tax benefit to my donation?

Yes, Polk Vision Inc., a founding partner of Synced for Students, is a registered 501(c)(3). Upon making a donation, a receipt will be provided for use in filing your tax return.

Will every student receive a device through this program?

No. This program serves as a pipeline between individuals, businesses and nonprofits and students in need of technology. The aim is to put every available resource of our community to work for students. Students are not guaranteed devices; devices will be issued on an as-available basis based on need.

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